Placing your brand in the spotlight.

SOVEREIGN is a Nashville based digital agency that offers marketing, design, and technology services to the world’s most ambitious businesses and brands. Leveraging our design-driven approach to building cutting-edge digital solutions, we deliver compelling experiences to our clients and their customers.

Digital Marketing have you feeling ‘Lost’?

Sovereign has been at the absolute forefront of helping businesses in Brentwood, Nashville and nationwide in the uncharted seas of state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies. Let us help you navigate your digital needs towards online success!


Commitment to Client Accountability

Your success is our success. That’s why transparency and honesty is at the absolute forefront of everything we do. We pledge to never sell you a product or service you don’t need, or that we do not recommend. Furthermore, as an insured business, we will never offer you a product or service that can knowingly be compromised or deemed ‘malicious’.

Commitment to Client Education

As a client of Sovereign, you will never be treated as a ‘transaction’. We pledge that every product or service we provide, is given with the client’s knowledge of how it works or functions. In the constantly evolving world of Digital Marketing, you deserve 100% clarity on how your product or service works.

Commitment to Client Innovation

No matter the economic climate or forecast, you have to make your marketing dollars count. You deserve the best service or product that your budget allows. That’s why Sovereign pledges to never offer you old marketing strategies or antiquated technology that can no longer effectively convert into prospective business for you. The benefits of a robust, state-of-the-art Digital marketing strategy, is that is allows you to be very cost effective with your budget. If a product or service we offer (cutting edge technology or otherwise) can’t provide you maximum results for minimal spend, we will not offer or recommend it , no matter what the incentive for us to sell that product or service could be.

We Specialize In...



Fast and integrated – our clients are part of our team. We create lasting value for brands we partner with.



Digital Marketing

A fresh approach to engaging consumers where, and when they want.



User Experience & Design

Our team ensures you engage your audience on any platform with purposeful design.



Social Content

We create content that connects with audiences of all shapes and sizes across a variety of platforms, while listening and responding in real time.




From strategy to launch, from front-end to fulfillment, we can design and build a world-class experience and integrate with your retail locations.



Analytics & SEO

Our team evaluates your digital ecosystem and solves for a way to optimize it by combining our advanced analytics and user experience insights.